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Earth Day 

Earth Day !

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 Donald Trump attacks Canadian supply management dairy industry.... Malala Yousafzai receives honorary Canadian citizenship as she speaks on women's educational rights at a joint meeting of the House of Commons and Senate.... .... The affected flour comes with a best before date of April 17, 2018, and was sold in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba....Ottawa's Rachel Homan wins gold at the world women's curling championship thanks to an 8-3 victory in the final over Russia in Beijing.... The St Lawrence Seaway will open March 27th... Canadian Coast Guard Icebreaker Giffon passes Brockville east bound on Saturday March 18 at 9.50 am ... The US Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate by 0.25 percentage point... World’s Largest Rubber Duck is coming to Brockville's waterfront on Aug 10 - 13... Ronald Holgerson is the new general manager and chief executive officer of the St. Lawrence Parks Commission.... With the help of a 5 million dollar donation, Queens University will have an advanced water research facility in Kingston... Goat milk is wanted by new milk processing plant in Kingston... Canada closes trade deal with the EU removing 98 % of the present tariffs... Brockville decides to stop the OPP costing mainly due to the high cost given by the OPP to provide police services... Mexico considers banning purchase of corn from the USA... Loblaw Companies Ltd. is recalling PC Organics baby food pouches due to a possibly deadly bacteria that could form in the food... Perth Ontario budget for 2017 contains no tax increases.... New numbers from the Public Health Agency of Canada indicate that this year's flu season may have already peaked.... Six dead, one arrested after shooting at Quebec City mosque... Brockvile receives costing figure from OPP at a cost higher than current local cost... Tweed the marijuana grower triples its space at former chocolate factory in Smiths Falls making it perhaps the largest indoor grower of weed in the world.... Patrick Chan wins Men's Canadian Skating Championship in Ottawa.. Heart specialists from Ottawa through the Maritimes can expect to be busier for the next few days... Heart specialists say that from Ottawa through the Maritimes can expect to be busier for the next few days - 16 percent busier because of a recent study of heart attacks of persons shoveling snow... According to the New York Times Canada is the top travel destination for 2017... Total 2016 tonnage shipped thorugh the St Lawrence Seaway is still lower by about 3.10 % than 2015... The Scheuermann Vineyard and Winery located in Wesport has won a prestigious provincial award for its contribution to the local agri-food sector after its first year in business.Canopy Growth Corporation – the parent company of Smith Falls based marijuana producer Tweed – is expanding overseas selling pot to Germany and Brazil... A $225 million investment, Feihe International Inc., a China-based manufacturer of infant formula, is opening a manufacturing facility in Kingston that is expected to create approximately 200 full-time jobs... Farmers in Eastern Ontario say one of the biggest problems they are having is getting reliable labour... Ottawa Red Blacks play Sunday in the Grey Cup Semi Finals... The CETA free trade deal with Europe has been signed noting that a handful of sensitive products such as beef, pork, sweetcorn on the EU side and dairy from Canada, CETA will limit preferential access to quotas. CETA will not open up poultry or eggs on either side; it will maintain the EU entry-price system... Farm land assessment values in Eastern Ontario are taking a big hike ... The federal and Ontario provincial governments reached a tentative deal with the Algonquins of Ontario about an Eastern Ontario land claim across most of the region... Lots of snow predicted for this winter in Eastern Ontario... Uber has become the first officially licensed private taxi company in Ottawa... This summer's drought has caused the size of Eastern Ontario ripened apples to be about 25% smaller than normal... Brooke Henderson is now tied for 4th place at the Fubon LPGA Taiwan Championship.... Be careful when driving during October and November as it is the most dangerous months when deer and moose are likely to collide with cars and trucks be found on the highways in Eastern Ontario.... Uber drivers will be allowed to make pick-ups and drop-offs at the Ottawa airport starting Sept 30.... Farmers are reporting that the 2016 summer drought in Eastern Ontario has produced a minimal grain and bean crop... The Ontario Liberal government promised in the throne speech that it will provide rebates to urban and rural residents and small businesses to help offset high electricity rates.... The Cornwall Community Hospital finishes its fiscal year with a minuscule surplus – $982.... Peter Mansbridge decides to call it quits as CBC News Anchor after 30 years and will do so on July 1, 2017... As they finish harvesting this year’s crop, Canadian honey producers say they are being stung with prices that have fallen by about 50 per cent since a year ago... Members of the Cornwall Regional Task Force seized over 1.5 tonnes of contraband tobacco while responding to two incidents last week along the St. Lawrence River.... The Grey Cup Game of 2017 will be played in Ottawa.... Tourism report says that American visitors are spendingb 17.0 % more this year in Canada.... LCBO launches online sales at their web site of beer, wine, cider, spirits.... Brooke Henderson from Smith Falls will represent Canada at the Rio Olympics playing women's golf.... Total cargo shipments in the St Lawrence Seaway are off by 7.5% over last year.... Eastern Ontario farmers are talking about opening local abattoir. The group needs $220,000 to build not-for-profit abattoir in Athens, OntOttawa is considering reopening prison farms in Kingston .... Leonard Lee, the founder of popular Ottawa woodworking and gardening tool retailer Lee Valley Tools, dies July 7 at the age of 77...A Guelph university study shows that farmers are vulnerable to mental distress because they work for long periods of time alone.... Brooke Henderson wins the LPGA Cambia Portland tournament for a second time... Public relations and ­communications Scottish group Beattie said it wants to “control its own destiny” in the wake of the EU referendum by expanding into Canada....The Edwardsburgh-Cardinal Township has approved of the removal of double-crested cormorant colonies from three islands in the St Lawrence River east of Brockville.... Milk producers protest on Parliament Hill in favour of supply management... In Lanark County, backlash spreads over plan to spray and kill wild parsnip.... Canada wins world hockey championship over Finland... Val-des-Monts powerboat fees sharply increase. Non-residents must pay $120 per day for boats with hefty motors — up from $150 per season.... Ontario has passed legislation creating a cap-and-trade system, which is expected to add $5 a month to home heating bills and about 4.3 cents to the price of a litre of gasoline.... Much of Canada is in for a very warm 2016 summer this year as extended periods of hot and dry weather grip large areas of the country.... Beau's Brewery in Vancleek Hill sells their brewery to their employees.... NAV CANADA and Carleton University in Cornwall are teaming up to offer a Professional Short Course in the operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), often referred to as drones.... Kingston Penniteniary will open as a tourist attaction the summer of 2016... The Cornwall-based St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences has won a national contract for geocaching. Over the next two years, its staff members will be working in National Wildlife Areas across the country.... The government of Ontario is increasing funding to Ottawa hospitals by over $19 million as it continues to invest more in health care across Ontario to give people faster access to the right care, now and in the future.... 50+ Vendors opens the Brockville Farmers' Market .... There will be a Port Day open house on June 4. at the Johnstown Bulk Port facilities... Fourteen people are homeless after a major fire ripped through a Smiths Falls townhome on April 22 evening.... ... The Canadian Supreme court has unanimous ruled that the Federal government has jurisdiction over all indigenous people including Metis aboriginals... Smiths Falls council is withdrawing from that town’s OPP costing process... Parent company, McCormick Canada's Billy Bee honey products are urged to 'buy Canadian' after accusations it abandoned industry by purchasing raw honey from countries like China and Argentina... The St Lawrence Seaway is now open for the 2016 season... An RCMP officer has been found shot inside a building in downtown Ottawa.... The St. Lawrence Parks Commission has announced two new attractions this year for the Thousand Islands Parkway and Kingston - A Zip line tree experience at Browns Bay and a new winter attaction at Ft Henry.... Brockville and Kingston chosen by divers as the top dive sites in Canada.... The Canadian dollar headed above 75 cents US for the first time since late November 2015 ..... Ontario announces free post secondary tuition for low income persons whose families make less than $50,000... A Federal Court judge has struck down federal regulations restricting the rights of medical marijuana patients to grow their own cannabis and given the Liberal government six months to come up with new rules..... Parks Canada is waiving all entrance fees in 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday.... Starting in March, the CRTC will require providers to offer a basic package of channels for no more than $25 per month, and also give customers the option of buying individual channels or small bundles.... Power rates go up the first of November in Ontario... Canada post will no longer be setting up new community mailboxes and that is welcome news for residents who still have home delivery.... Seaway... Self-driving cars will be tested on Ontario roads... New fines for distracted driving, hitting cyclists with vehicles with doors, passing cyclists, bicycle lighting, passomg tow trucks are now in force.... The idea and successful patent application for a 20 km high tower reducing the cost of space launches came from the people operating the space telescope in Eastern Ontario... Asian Carp makes way into Lake Ontario.... Parks Canada announces they will spend infrastructure investments totalling $39.4 million for the Rideau Canal National Historic Site.... Ombusman report says that Hydro One lied to customers about their billing problems.... The Eastern Ontario town of Arnprior has the bragging rights to Ontario's tallest tree which is 47 metres tall... In Ontario, home-care recipients will have more control about who is their personal support worker and when that support is given... Canada household debt ratio hits new record of 163.3%... ... Stringent new rules are being introduced to protect the Great Lakes from invasive species that are often introduced in ballast water discharged by freighters... A U.S. senator says a low-cost, high-tech cable sensor system could be planted along the Canada-U.S. border to boost security without impeding business... Boaters get 3-year reprieve on Rideau canal fee hike... Cardiac arrest survival rate tops in Ottawa due to installation of defibrillators in its public recreation centres... Ottawa approves west-to-east oil Canadian pipeline.... Ontario Landowners say that the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (OSPCA) Act is unfairly inflicting rules on producers, breeders and supporting industry sectors in rural Ontario. ... Ottawa air is reported to be the purest in southern Ontario... Ottawa and nearby Gatineau, Que., are Canada's most livable community, says a report by MoneySense magazine....Ontario drivers caught texting, emailing or talking on a hand-held cellphone will have to pay $155... Enviornment Canada says, Eastern Ontario is a region where all the seasons are about equal...

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Did you know that the name "Ontario" comes from the 
Iroquois word "Kanadario" meaning "sparkling water."

and that the Aboriginal people who lived in this area
called the St Lawrence River - " the river that walks "

Give plants fertilizer and they will grow
Give children emotional security.... and they will blossom
Give adults encouragement  and trust .... and there will be peace

  Eastern  Ontario FarmGate producers are selling their 2017 products - there are  fresh eggs, chickens, geese, maple syrup products, apples, potting and bedding plants, and value added products  --- we encourage you to   get out and visit the farmers' markets and farmgates in Eastern Ontario

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