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Website for Sale

Island View B & B

Web Site for Sale

The Owners are no longer in the Bed and Breakfast Business  and want to focus their efforts in other directions.

They wish to sell their web site.

This web site provided enough information for consumers to make a buyer decision for an extended holiday booking at their B&B.

The site was of original design (not a template) web site designed to solve a marketing problem.

Web site was designed by a tourism consultant and his client to increase the length of visit of clients.

The Web site was successful in booking clients from Romania, Russia,  Israel, France, Australia, Italy, Germany, Scotland, Mexico, Canada and the United States.

These clients stayed an average of three to four days instead of  overnight visitations that happened before the web site was produced.

This definitely increased the profitability of the business.

The site has wonderful background music which instigates a feeling of serenity.

The site is engineered so the music is constantly playing and does not stop when the viewer goes to other links on the site.

The site is easily navigated with .... direct hyperlinks to other pages on the site.

Contains a many hyperlinks to various attractions in the 1000 Islands tourist area which can be easily edited.

Resort and Hotels can easily use the web site architecture to change their outdated web sites.

The business was "mothballed" two years ago but still is attracting daily and monthly visits and inquires.

The structure of the site is still intact and can be easily modified by another business with new text and images.

This could be easily done using free downloaded software Microsoft Expression ( )

Upon Purchase.... the present site will be removed from the Web

Number of Web Pages 74
Original Development Cost $2200.00 Cdn Funds
Present Site Hosting @ $6.95/month
Present Domain Registration costs $19.95 per year

Price Best Offer  Canadian Funds - $1500.00

This is quite inexpensive when paid by US Funds (see present currency exchange rate)

Payment can be made by certified cheque, Visa or Mastercard

Questions.... e-Mail Joe Lor or call 613 342-0639

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tdc's Web Site Design and Marketing

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Updated: Sunday, September 20, 2015

We thank all the 4,319,000+ people who came to visit our clients' sites between 2007 and
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