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November 18, 2015


tdc Marketing and Management Corporation

In these tough economic times - it is the creative and persistant people who survive - tdc is " on the leading edge of shifting paradigms " and we want to hear about your business challenges - we might even have a solution !!!


We specialize in market research, marketing consultation, business planning
and governance consultation.

Over the years we have consulted to: government agencies; not- for-profit organizations; financial institutions; the agricultural and tourism economic sectors; manufacturers, transportation, retail, and educational sectors. 

In fact we have provided consultation to most of the defined economic business sectors.

We pride ourselves that through our diverse experiential background, we can work with you to provide unique and competitive marketing and management solutions.

Web Site Design and Maintenance

tdc is designing Web Pages for the Information Highway utilizing the marketing
and technology skills acquired over the past 30 + years..

Today the fastest growing communications conduit is the World Wide Web. It is the first media that utilizes media in an interactive way - challenging communications designers as never before.

New rules in design and marketing are being written daily.

We know your business has to be part of the information revolution and we want to help you get there.

In 2014, our web pages and our clients had recorded over 4.0 million page hits with many of these pages gaining #1 placement on search engines such as Google. . 

And besides that, our clients' pages sold products and services using our web marketing systems developed specifically for their purposes.

We Design Web Sites that Work! 


Over the past few years we have been researching and developing marketing systems to sell products and services on the net. We believe that on the World Wide Web there are multitudes of cultural communities that have needs that can be satisfied over the net. tdc Marketing and Management Consultation has successfully sold products into many of these different culture communities.

We are presently selling products on the web. Books on paper, CD ROMs, and eBook formats, dried and crushed Habanero chili peppers, a book about Buddhism, photographic posters, and art prints.  We are even selling a CD about How to build an Authentic Cree Teepee, and "Hockey Made Easy" which is a set of four instruction manuals for coaches, players and parents. In 2015, one client "Island View B& B) decided to sell their web site... details can be seen at  and we designed a new web site for Larry's Auto Works.

We have a client who has summer cabins for rent (Kool Pines Cottages) and a B&B
( Island View B&B ) who is getting a big improvement on reservations because of the information given on their web site which is leading to international bookings. Two doctors who want to help foreign US doctors get green cards approached tdc web design and now they have a web site that is helping the US get more doctors - Check out their IMG-Coach site.  In 2015, we decided that the hockey coaches for minor and youth hockey needed an App for Coaching and we designed "Shoot to Score" as a brand new coaching tool.

In the better known realm, Ice Capades had a Mini Reunion and we built them a web site that was visited from all over the world by former skaters and crew of this famous show. Their full 2010 reunion information is now appearing,

In 2012 we were sucessful in selling an original Paul Rupert painting on-line for $1350.00 for a client.

We will be selling more items and services for clients in the future as we gain more and more experience using this interesting and challenging media.   

Please visit our present General Store which sells items as an affiliate for
various companies and our clients.

If you have a product or service that you wish to
sell on the web please email.


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tdc Marketing and Management Consultation
117 King Street East
Suite #2
Brockville Ontario

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