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   Agricultural Trivia Questions
                                         About Pigs and Cows
             For Primary Grade Students
       Our thanks to the Ontario Farm Animal Council 
            for their assistance ~~


1. Which of the following come from pigs?
      medical treatments
      all of the above

2. Barns mostly protects pigs from:

     the bad wolves
     being stolen     
     the weather

3. Pigs are fed:
     Nutritious grains such as corn, soybean meals and barley.
     Chocolate bars
     Big Mac's and French fries

4. Why don't many pig farmers allow visitors in their barns?
    Because the pigs don't have good manners.
    They keep their money in the barn.
    To help keep the pigs healthy.

5. How many piglets does an average sow (mother pig) raise at one time?
    None, since they all went "wee wee wee" all the way home.

6. What is an adult female pig called?

7. Pigs are transported:
    In wheelbarrows
    In police cars
    In specially-designed trucks

8. Sows (mother pigs) are placed in special pens during farrowing (giving birth)
    and nursing  so:

    They won't run around handing out cigars after they give birth.
    They won't injure or crush their piglets when they lie down.
    The farmer can pet the pigs.

9. Most pigs live:
    In the mud.
    In houses of straw, sticks, or bricks.
    In clean barns.


1. Eating, chewing and burping can take up a lot of a cow's day.
    Cows regurgitate their breakfast and chew it two or three times.

    True or False

2. What do most dairy farmers use to milk their cows?
     milking machines
     Vacuum cleaners
     Their hands
     Old MacDonald comes and does it.

3. What do cows eat?
    Hay, grasses & grains
    Jersey milk chocolate bars
    TV dinners

4. How often do most farmers milk their cows?
    once a week
    once a month
    twice a day

5. Most cows have ear tags so…
    the farmer can identify each animal
    they look fashionable
    they aren't mistaken for wild animals

6. How many litres of milk does an average cow produce in one day?

7. Dairy cows are usually bedded with…
    Flannelette sheets

8. Holstein cows are…
    green & white
    black & white
    blue & white

9. Which of the following is made from milk?
    Glossy paper
    All of the above

10. A ruminant is an animal that…

     has 4 stomachs
     can eat grasses
     helps the environment
     all of the above

11. When does a cow begin to produce milk?
     when she is born
     when she is full grown
     when she is full grown and after she has had a calf

12. A farmer could find out how large an individual cow stall should be by checking the…
      Recommended Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Dairy Cattle
     "Better Barns and Pastures" magazine

13. How soon does a cow turn hay into milk?
     It takes a month
     In 24 hours
     It takes a week

14. What part of a cow is full of vitamins, proteins, fats,
       minerals and water and milk forms in it?

     the cow's udder
     the cow's tail
     the cow's mouth

15. What is a heifer?
     a full grown pig
     a type of farm equipment
     a young female dairy or beef animal

16. One method of milking cows uses a "milking parlour". This means…
    The cows join the farmer in the parlour for tea in the evening.
    The milk is used for ice cream only.
    The cows are milked in a special area of the barn

17. What is a milkhouse?
     A separate part of the barn where the milk is stored and the milking equipment is kept.
     The area where the cows sleep.
     The place where the farmer lives.

18. Where does milk come from?
     A store.
     The milk factory.
     A cow.


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