Bubble Insulated Greenhouse
A first for Canada


Soap bubbles, just like the ones we all used to blow through those little metal hoops.

Yes, soap bubbles are being used in the only functional plastic covered greenhouse in the world to insulate when the outside temperature is as cold as - 30 degrees C and when the interior heat in the summer gets so hot that the plants in greenhouses need to be kept cool. The soap bubbles insulate when they need it and dissipate when they do not.

Doug Avery from Avery's Garden Market Inspects
the Bubble Insulated Greenhouse - February 15, 2004

Kat and Ross Elliott live about 20 minutes northwest of Perth Ontario Canada in the beautiful Tay Valley area. They decided about three years ago that they wanted to build a special 1500 square foot greenhouse that would demonstrate that in the cold climates of Canada a greenhouse would not have to be a carbon dioxide user like the traditional greenhouses around the world.

Now they have their soap bubble insulated greenhouse up and running. Kat can now work from home growing organically grown tomatoes, kale, herbs and green veggies year round for herself and Ross as well as for a retail outlet.

Kat Elliott busy planting in their greenhouse in February

Ross is busy fielding calls from around the world about their unique greenhouse. The bubbler automatically fills a 30 inch insulating cavity enveloping space with soap bubbles during the cold Canadian winter nights and in the morning when the greenhouse is exposed to the sun, the bubbles dissipate allowing the sun to enter through layers of plastic.

To help the greenhouse function during the day, the greenhouse heats 20,000 litres of water. Ross says that the "liquid solar insulation and shading system should eliminate the need for fossil-fuel heating or powered ventilation to maintain optimum growing conditions year round in any climate". 

And to make things even better, they invited the world to try their greenhouse technology without any traditional licensing agreements. They feel that this technology is so important that to license it would hamper its acceptance to reduce greenhouse gases.

Ross and Kat are great people to communicate with as they are also energy efficient building specialists and passionate about sharing their accomplishment of building the first and presently only soap bubble insulated greenhouse in the world right here in Eastern Ontario Canada.

Ross Elliott explains how the greenhouse works
  to some visitors

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Soap bubbles filling the 30 inch insulating cavity as seen from inside the greenhouse
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Ross and Kat Elliott
RR#1 MacDonalds Corners
Ontario Canada K0G 1M0

By Phone - 613 278-0467
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