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What Do We Do?
First...provide consultation to clients who want to verify their business ideas.

We provide market research, business plans, governance consultation and confidential business consultation.

Second...Provide Professional Web Site Design and Maintenance.

For Inquiries e-Mail tdc@cybertap.com

What is tdc?
tdc is an incorporated Canadian Marketing and Management Consultation company whose parent company LG Tourism Development Corporation was incorporated in 1981.

Who is the Main Contact?
Joe Lor is President.

Who are Some of tdc's Clients?
Government Agencies, Not-for-Profit Organizations, Manufacturing Industries, Retailers, Financial Institutions, Small Business Entrepreneurs

What is tdc's Primary Focus?
First, exploring "windows of opportunity" for clients.

Second, bringing the experience of our diverse consulting business background to clients.

Third, providing Web site design using our marketing and management skills

How are clients charged?
Clients are invited to come to an initial consultation at no charge. Then a proposal is given to the client explaining the scope of the consultation and the terms and conditions. (There is no charge for proposals) A firm fixed fee for the work proposed is contractually agreed upon between the client and tdc.

For consultative matters, tdc charges on an hourly basis.

Will tdc Compete in the Public Tendering Process?
Yes, providing that the tendering process is open to public scrutiny.

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