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Help Wanted
Job Competency Description
for Members of Boards of Directors

tdc is providing the following information as part of
our promotional activities.

We believe that the strength of any organization is directly related to the competency of the people who create the policies to provide the direction.

As such, we are providing what we believe is a list of suggested competencies in the form of a 'help wanted' advertisement for new board members.

We welcome your suggestions and comments.

If governance consultation assistance is required please e-mail tdc

Help Wanted

We are looking for persons who want to join our organization's Board of Directors. The job is to create policies for our organization whereby it can effectively prosper and grow.

If there are people who meet the following criteria please submit your name along with your curriculum vitae describing your demonstrated achievements to date using the following competencies and skills sought.

Core Competencies Sought:

visionary, amicable, courageous, mature, well read, decisive, diplomatic, tactful, humourous, common sense, insight, goal orientated, well rounded experience working with people and organizations, experience working with and/or within this organization's field of expertise as well as associated ones, a knowledge of local, regional and global resources, able to communicate effectively orally as well as in writing , able to summarize vast amounts of data, able to solve complex problems,...

Demonstrated Skills Competency Requirements:

conflict resolution, computer, prioritization, analytical problem solving, listening, verbal and written communication, performance evaluation, strategic planning, problem solving, legal implications, accounting, marketing, interpersonal relations, leadership, team, consensus building and working knowledge of board and committee procedural rules....

For Inquiries e-Mail

The following inquiry was received
Dear Sir or Madam,
After reading your article "Help Wanted Job Competency Description for Members of Boards of Directors", I was wondering if you could help me find a Board position with a manufacturing company. I am a former president of two manufacturing companies and I am recently retired.

Thomas J. Bubula  eMail 
173 Garvin Hts Rd
Winona, MN 55987
507 454 7365 
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