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As a consultant coming from a background of applied science into the area of market communications, I focus on two areas that are  dynamically interwoven - this I find stimulating.



Objective market research, as part of new business development, offers me long-term projects to pursue and a sense of gratification when I see myself helping to bring someone’s dream to fruition.

smallb1.gif (841 bytes) Web site design offers me a rare opportunity to again experience and create new
    frontiers of communication.

smallb1.gif (841 bytes) I find inspiration for my work from personal studies of intercultural relationships and my
    exterior space.

Mr. Lor is available as a speaker and can be reached at Click Here

Some Topics: How to Shift Paradigms, Intercultural Relationships, Moving Towards the Year 2000 and Beyond, The Internet Pros and Cons, The Key to Business Success is Governance...

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Mr. Lor is a second generation Chinese Canadian who was born and raised in Brockville Ontario Canada. In 1959, he left home and went to Ottawa where he was educated at the Eastern Ontario Institute of Technology.

In 1963, he graduated in Chemical Technology. After that he furthered his studies at Carleton University, York University and St Lawrence College.

In 1965, Joe was employed by Bell Northern Research and worked in the Solid State Division, where he was part of the team that made the first integrated circuit in Canada. At Bell Northern, he specialized in ultra high vacuum systems, photolithography and tantalum sputtering deposition.

In 1966, he left Bell Northern and went to work for 12 years for Rockwell Int'l (Collins Radio Division) as a Project Engineer. Here he took on the responsibilities for the design and fabrication of high reliability solid state circuits that were used for military and space electronic communications applications.

Two subsequent positions, one as Manager of New Market Development at ITT and as Sales Market Research at Urban Transportation Development Corporation rounded out his industrial career.

In 1978, Joe returned to Brockville and subsequently established L&G Tourism Development Corporation (now tdc Marketing and Management Corporation).

Since that time, the corporation has been involved with various consultation assignments for various government agencies, not for profit organizations and private firms.

In 1992, Joe Lor was appointed by the Province of Ontario to be a member of the Brockville Police Services Board - a civilian governance body that governs the Police in Brockville. Over the past four years, he became Chair of the Zone 2 Ontario Association of Police Services Boards (OAPSB) and a member of the Board of Directors of OAPSB.  Mr. Lor's term was completed in November 1996. 

Many of his papers and articles on Governance can be found at the tdc Governance Site .

In 1996, his interest peaked for the Internet and Web Site Design. He is a member of the HTML Writers Guild, a worldwide guild of HTML authors and site developers.   For detailed information, please check out the tdc's Web Site Design and Marketing.

Mr. Lor has been a guest lecturer at the University of Toronto, St Lawrence College, Dry Hill Prison, Kemptville Agricultural College,...

Other things that stimulate his interest are his daughter Susan, son-in-law Chris, granddaughters Avery, Sarai and Emery and grandson A.J.
who live in Kingston Ontario; writing, great movies, surrealist art, gardening, hydroplane power boat racing and Judaism and Asian philosophy.

Joe has also an active interest  in photography and a gallery of his work can be see at Places & Things

Lives of the Family: Stories of Fate and Circumstance - Denise Chong's Book About the Lor Family



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