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Curriculum Vitae - Joe Lor





Management Skills...

President - tdc Marketing and Management Consultation

Manager Market Research - Urban Transportation Development Corporation

Manager New Market Development - ITT Cannon Electric

Project Engineer - Rockwell International (Collins Radio Division)

Vice President - New York Restaurant (Brockville Ontario)


Finance Committee - Brockville Cemetery Board
Zone 2 Ontario Association of Police Services Boards
Strategic Planning Committee - Brockville Police Services
Business Advisory Committee - St Lawrence College Saint Laurent
Brockville Riverfest Celebrations
Steering Committee for Canadian Festivals and Special Events
Administrative Committee - Brockville YM YWCA

Vice President and Other...

Publisher and Editor - OAPSB Zone 2 Newsletter
Vice President Brockville YM YWCA
Vice President Rideau Lakes and 1000 Islands Travel Council
Coordinator - International Conference on Festivals and Special Events
Co - Host - The Williams/Lor Report (Television Show)

Web Site Design and Marketing


Board of Directors - Brockville Cemetery Board
General Security Boards of Investigation - Corrections Canada
The HTML Writers Guild
Board of Directors - Ontario Association of Police Services Boards
Board of Directors - Brockville and District Ad and Sales
Brockville Police Services Board
Race Relations Committee - Brockville Police Services Board
Budget Committee - Brockville Police Services Board
Brockville Downtown Board of Management
Brockville Chamber of Commerce
Canadian Restaurant Association
1000 Islands International Council
American Society of Testing and Materials
American Society of Physics
Team of Scientists and Technologists who made the First Integrated Circuit in Canada in 1965
Ground Observer Corps
Boys Choir First Presbyterrean Church

Some Papers and Speeches...

History of the New York Cafe Brockville - Brockville Museum
Manipulating Digital Images - Brockville Independent Computer Club
Public Washrooms in New York City - WINS 1010 New York City Radio 
Marketing on the Internet - Ecological Farming Day
Bridging the Gap Between Local Agricultural Producers and the Market - for "Harvesting for a Hungry Market"
Print Media - "Smoke and Mirrors"
“Moving from “Watching to Watching Over” for OAPSB Zone 2 Newsletter
Financial Pressures on Public Services
“Moving Toward the Year 2000” for OAPSB Board of Directors
Market Opportunities “Windows of Opportunity” for Potable Water for AMEO
Market Opportunities Information Survey for AMEO in Eastern Ontario
Economic Development in Agriculture and Tourism for North Leeds
Market Study for the Brockville Farmers’ Market
Economic Contribution Study of Festivals and Special Events in the 1000 Islands
Market Feasibility for Home Shopping Service
Feasibility Study for a Charter Boat Service on the St Lawrence River

Tourism Destination Preference in Syracuse for USA and Canadian Destinations
Market Study of Purchasing Habits of Over Sized Women
Cardiac Pacemakers Research, Development and Business Feasibility
Fibre Optics an Opportunity in the Cable TV Industry
Market Survey for Electrical and Electronic Connectors
Feasibility Study for a National Ballet School in Brockville
Market Opportunities for Urban Transportation Vehicles and Systems
Technology Effectiveness of Computerized Telemarketing
Consumer Polling for Federal, Provincial and Municipal Elections
Statistical Analysis of Survey Results for Cable Television Programming
Marketability for Winter Storage of Boats and Cars
Market Feasibility for Electric Cars
Market Opportunities in BioMedical Electronics
Manufacturing Opportunities at General Motors Oshawa Plant
Marketing Study Supporting Development Initiatives in Brockville

Guest Lecturer and Speaker...

Living Alone Comments - CBC Radio One
Moving Toward the Year 2000 -- OAPSB
Board of Directors Police Service Boards of Eastern Ontario
-- PSB Zone 2 Comparators
North Leeds Economic Development Committee -- Economic Development
University of Toronto -- Solid State Physics
Kemptville College of Agriculture -- Marketing
St Lawrence College Saint Laurent -- Tourism & Marketing
Jefferson Community College -- Tourism & Marketing
Brockville Farmers’ Market Association -- Future of the Market
Ontario Federation of Agriculture -- Market Driven Economics

Ontario Folk Art’s Council -- Festivals and Special Events
Dry Hill Prison -- Tourism & Marketing Micro Market Management Skills Workshop -- Marketing
1000 Islands International Council -- Tourism Marketing
CBC Radio Noon -- Tourism in Eastern Ontario
Canadian & US Fighter Pilots -- Solid State Physics
Bruce Wylie Talk Show -- Riverfest

Brockville Rotary Club -- Tourism Economics
Brockville Kiwanis Club -- Tourism Economics
Watertown Kiwanis Club -- Canadian Tourism
Brockville Shepherd Centre -- Tourism
American Society of Testing and Materials -- Testing Ultra Pure Water
Rideau Lakes 1000 Islands Travel Council -- Festivals & Special Events
Brockville Police Association -- Strategic Planning
Cornwall City Council -- Festivals & Special Events
Seaway Valley Tourist Council -- Festivals & Special Events

Computer Skills...

Operating Systems - Windows Vista, XP, 98, 95 and Windows 3.1, Windows 7

General: Microsoft Office 2000 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook etc....)

Web Site Design:

Programming Languages: HTML, JavaScript,
Editors: Notepad, InContext Spider, FrontPage 2000
File Transfer Protocol: FTP Voyageur
Browsers: Netscape, MS Explorer

Web Graphics Design: FrontPage 2000, PaintShopPro, GIF Construction Set, Flash,
MS Imager, MS Paint, Xaro 3 D Graphics ,  MicroSoft Image Composer etc...
Adobe CS4 Flash ,  FrontPage 2007,

Web Audio Design: RealPublisher, MPEG Layer 3, Wave MP3 Editor

Other Interests...

Asian Philosophy
Intercultural Relationships
Modern Art
Screen Writing
Hydroplane Boat Racing

Private: e-mail to Joe Lor