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What about Joint Ventures?

tdc will consider joint ventures with businesses that are considering opening
‘shopping sites’ or other forms of revenue generation on the Web

One venture is that tdc will design and host a site on their own domain and the client will pay an annual fee for that services.

Another type of venture is that tdc will design and host a site on their own domain and process any orders.  In exchange they will take a percentage of the sale with the client maintaining an inventory and shipping the product to clients.

Each venture must be looked at on an individual basis with consideration for the partnership’s entrepreneurial experience, product or services offered and whether or not it fits into tdc's strategic business plan.

Companies or individuals wishing to enter into joint venture agreements with tdc Marketing and Management Consultation should be prepared to present their business plan including the financial analysis and the nature of the joint venture to
Joe Lor - President of tdc.

If you want a responsible web site designer e-Mail.

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Updated: Monday, January 28, 2008

We thank all the 450,000+ people who came to visit our clients' sites in 2005 and
it is our wish that you could also be part of our client list in 2006

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