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         Governance and The Net


tdc is providing the following information as part of our promotional activities
If governance consultation assistance is required please e-mail tdc

If your organization or company has not addressed the issue of whether or not it should utilize the Web as a communications and selling tool from a policy standpoint - it should!

Here are three points for consideration:

First         - What are the objectives for the utilization of the Internet?
Second     - What types of resources are needed to support and sustain?
Third        - What are the reasonable expectations that objectives are met?

If your organization cannot answer these questions... then

Don't Do It !

Presently, the Internet is used by organizations for a number of reasons some of which are:

Governance and the NetIncreasing the internal and external communications efficiency between employees        
        and clients or customers.

Governance and the NetPromotion of the organization's services and products

Governance and the NetDirect sales of an organization's services and products

Resource Requirements:
More valuable than the fast expensive complicated computer and software systems is the attributes of human resources that are needed if and when your organization decides that it wants to be part of the Net.

Here are a few attributes needed if efficiency in the use of the Net is to be met:

Your net resource(s) should have a proven record to be: creative; technologically knowledgeable; technologically adaptable; excellent in communications and teaching skills; understanding of the attributes of cultural communities; market driven to interpret access statistical information and willing to make changes driven by interpretation of this data.

Today, there are more way to measure objectively whether or not objectives have been met than ever before using the Net. Organizations wishing to know if promotion expectations for the net have been met can simply put access counters on pages or sites. Doing this, they will know instantly how many unique visitors, the number of pages that have been accessed and perhaps 300 more statistical facts about the performance of the site. To carry this further, the number of visitors versus the number of sales generated, a figure cherished by many in the past is easily accessible today.

Objective measurement, statistical analysis, easily making changes leading
to improved efficiency is what the Net is all about.

If the objective of your company is to increase the efficiency of communications within the organization - set communications goals and measure whether or not they are met.

An example of one such goal - Recently, IBM utilized on line chat rooms and bulletin boards, and among its 50,000 employees to come up with new ideas, ways to initiate the ideas and persons who would be responsible for their undertaking. It took 7 days!

Imagine the cost and time needed to do the same thing in the traditional manner!

If an organization has adapted the Net, and continues to consume increased
amounts of paper and transportation resources - find out why

Promotion and Sales

"The Net is still a leveling field for both small and
large organizations to  participate equally.

Small businesses are better at playing this game
because of their willingness to adapt to change"

e-Commerce efforts do contribute to sales and sales efficiency. Compared to traditional marketing and sales efforts - eCommerce is very inexpensive and statistically accountable.
In fact, it is possible to maintain presence on the World Wide Web for as little as $200.00 USD per year  competing equally for web viewers against giants such as IBM and Microsoft.

Today, there are lots of cultural communities that are not geographically defined. For an organization's eCommerce efforts to succeed: cultural communities must be found;  their needs and attributes clearly identified; there must be an acceptable determination of  an electronic avenue to communicate and gain trust with the community, and goods and services offered that they are willing to buy.

Policy decisions concerning the Net are important
and Members of the Board of Directors should be involved

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Brockville, Ontario Canada. All rights reserved.