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for facilities in and around New York City

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Hey, New York and the area around -   What do you think about the state of the public washrooms in the schools, restaurants and gas stations in and around New York City? Here's relief!

Tired of walking into a restaurant or gas station and asking to use the facilities only to find them fifthly.  Well here is a chance to report the best in the area.   tdc's  Washroom Assessment provides you with a forum on where to find the cleanest in and around the New York City Area.

Sorry, but if we were to post the filthiest and most disgusting we might be open to legal proceedings.

Submit your evaluation using our form. You don't even have to be a tourist to help out! Questions and comments can be sent to

Ratings ---- Fantastic - ExcellentGoodNot Bad
Rating Establishment Region/Location Date
Fantastic Golden Bridge Manhattan - Chinatown 5/18/2005
Fantastic Four Season's Hotel 57th Street between Park and Madison
On the main floor up the stairs from the 58th
Street entrance
Excellent Byrant Park Mid Manhatten 7/12/2003
Not Bad Empire State Bld Mid Manhattan 8/10/2002
Not Bad Holiday Inn 32nd Street 8/10/2002
Not Bad Houligans  Mid Manhattan 8/10/2002
Not Bad Harmony Palace Chinatown 8/10/2002
Not Bad Macy's 34th Street Manhattan 8/10/2002
Excellent Saks 5th Ave 8/9/2002
Good New York Public Library Mid Manhattan 8/9/2002
Not Bad Penn Train Station Mid Manhattan 8/8/2002
Good The Sea Grill/restaurant Manhattan 6/6/2000
Not Bad Tabla/restaurant Manhattan 6/4/2000
Excellent Atlas/restaurant Manhattan 6/1/2000

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Harmony Palace - Chinatown New York New York

Washroom at the Harmony Palace in Chinatown

If New York is going to attract visitors to come back - 
They had better do a better job with your washrooms!

As heard on the interview with 
John Montone of Radio 1010 WINS 
in New York in August 2002

First Flush: NYC Unveils Public Pay Toilet

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Did you know - According to a new US observational study, 90 per cent of women wash their hands after using a public restroom, compared with 75 per cent of men

Here is a great question sent in from Kathy who 
lives in the UK-

We live in the UK are coming to NY City in February 2003. As we have 3 children, I'm trying to find the location of all clean public toilets...there's always one of them wanting it!

I visited NY last year with some girlfriends and we had great difficulty finding decent toilets or a place that would allow us just to have a coffee at lunchtime. We had to use Starbucks but the toilets were always a disgrace!

I would really appreciate if you have any knowledge of suitable washrooms that our children will be able to use! We will be doing all the Tourist attractions etc!

Send Us Your Suggestions!


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The ratings are presented on this site are updated as they are received in order to present you the most up to date ratings  as possible.  
We reserve the right to modify or remove any offending entries. Please send your questions and comments to

Your submission is not automatically put on this page but if accepted will appear within 24 hours of your submission.

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Images of Public Washrooms


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Generally Clean and Shiny
No Paper on the Floor
Lots of Toilet Paper
Fresh Cut Flowers
Continuous Cleaning Systems
Antimicrobial soap
No-Touch Soap and Towel Dispensers
Baby Changing Table
Attendant Present
Pleasant Odour
Posts Cleaning Schedule
Locks that Work
Graffiti Free
Clean Mirrors
Smoke Free
Clean Toilets and Sinks
Bright and Well Lit
Floors and Walls Spotless
No Stairs
Good Signage For Directions To
Bug Free
Burning Candles
Free Soaps and Perfumes
Soft Comfortable Couches
Quiet Music
Cloths Hooks in the Stalls
Free Matches
Pictures on the Walls
Toilet Seat Covers
Handicap Accessible

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