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Why Out Source Web Design?

Yes, it can be done by anyone having a lot of time to learn HTML. In fact if one simply "liberates" a page, copies it into a word document then alters it a bit before sending it back to the browsers - they could have their own Web Page.

tdc recently read about a web designer/customer negotiation that relates to the Out Sourcing question.

"Sales for us have been booming, lately, and one of the contracts I signed last week is for a Florist. At one point in the negotiations, the client said, "Gee, your price is kinda steep. My cousin says that his son can make a web site for me, a lot cheaper. He also said that I could get a book, and make my own web site. Is that true?"

Without blinking an eye, I responded with, "Absolutely. And I can do my own flower arranging, too. Of course, it would take ten times as long for me to do it, would cost twice as much for materials, and look as though an amateur had done it. But why would I want to do that, when I could pay you to do it the right way?"

To do it right you must keep up with the current and emerging software and hardware technologies (java, JavaScript, DMHL, unix, Flash, windows, active x, streaming audio and video) ; aware of the characteristics and viewer usage of the various browsers; understand the effect of color and backgrounds to set the mood of the viewer; know how the page layout and design can increase the receptiveness the viewer; have knowledge of the various methods of image generation ( .gifs, .jpgs, flash, animated gifs.), have a sound understanding of image copyright protection; know when and how sound files ( MP3, .wav, .au or MIDI ) can be used; understand how to use client side mapping so that viewers can 'click' on image spaces to take them to requested information, and a sound understanding of memory allocation. Add an web statistical access report like that supplied by StatCounter. Know how to interpret the results and take action to refocus on the objectives of a client takes web marketing knowledge. These are just some of the various technological and marketing knowledge needed to design a successful Web site.

All of the above, as well as to keep track of the new technologies that will influence how and when advanced design such as VRML and 3 D will be accepted by users.

In short, knowledge to market in Hypermedia Computer-Mediated Environments.

It all takes time and experience to learn.

Designing Web sites is not too difficult - designing Web sites that are effective and meet the objectives of a client takes much more skill and experience.

If you do not have time to do this properly, get someone who has
the experience and time to do it for you.

NOTE: After reading this, if you or your company still wishes to design their own site, tdc will provide consultation for this purpose.

Another question that is related to outsourcing Web site design and maintenance is about telecommuting.

Telecommuting is a cost savings to a client.  What it means is that the designer does not have to come to your office in order to design or upgrade the site nor does the client have to provide computer hardware and software.

What occurs is  the designer usually works from his or her own design studio and FTP's (file transfer protocol) the files into a client's server.  This server can be anywhere in the world. 

The savings occurs because most designers like to use their own computers and software.   There is virtually no learning cost involved when a designer telecommutes  from his own office to design a client's site.

As reported in a recent Nua Survey's Report

"Jan 23 1998: A majority (51 percent) of North American companies now permit employees to telecommute through pilot and on-going programs, with 74 percent expecting their use of telecommuting to increase next year.

Telecommuting is also being used as the hot new recruitment incentive, with companies reaching a far wider market, including home-bound disabled individuals, senior citizens and others who would otherwise be eliminated from the work force because they can't travel to an office location.

Telecommuting is most prevalent among high tech firms (82 percent), followed by insurance companies (67 percent), then services and retail/wholesale firms (62 percent). Among utilities and transportation companies, 71 percent report telecommuting programs, rising dramatically from last year's 40 percent."

This is the upside.  The downside is that the client must be able to adequately communicate with the designer to provide direction (approval, disapproval, and information) on the site during the design phase.  tdc Marketing is presently telecommuting to design sites for several clients.  Communications are mostly via e-Mail and site approval and direction is provided either by this medium or via telephone.

If you want a responsible web site designer e-Mail.

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Updated: Monday, January 28, 2008

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