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Governance Practices

from a letter from Joseph in Japan ...

" I am looking for desirable qualities of good corporate governance practices.

        Do you have the list or suggestions?"

tdc is providing the following information as part of our  promotional activities.

If governance consultation assistance is required please e-mail tdc

All Boards should:

Have rules of conduct and procedures agreed by all members of the board that are practical to address the nature of the mission of the corporation.

Be able to monitor the progress of the corporate body to implement policy decisions. And the ability to make timely adjustments to those policies as required.

Have members from a variety of experiential backgrounds who are willing to bring their expertise to develop policies that address the mission of the corporation.

For Chair Persons

Ability to enunciate and communicate clearly the wishes of the board after orderly debate.

Knowledgeable on the procedures governing the board and willing to make judgments on issues regarding these procedures.

Draw upon the wisdom of all board members to reach  either a consensus or a majority of opinion on issues presented.

For Board Members:

Be knowledgeable of the issues presented either by staff or fellow board members. Be able to speak  clearly and concisely their opinion on these issues.

Make contributions to debate on issues based upon personal experience and wisdom using objective or subjective reasoning.

Have consideration and respect for the ideas of other board members.

Provide vision as to the future direction of the corporation.

Be able to visualize the outcomes and enunciate clearly policy opinions.

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