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What Viewers Say About  tdc Designed Web Sites

Re: Island View Bed and Breakfast

Joe has been a great communicator, and a great teacher. He has worked tirelessly on the Island View site, and has been my true partner in its creation.

Joe has sincerely tried to view my world through my eyes, understand my aesthetic, and bring it all to "web-life." 
I can now share
my world with the entire world.

I believe our product means as much to him as it does to me. It has been an enjoyable process, and, as Joe warned, "a lot of work". 

I expect my relationship with Joe to be ongoing. The site will continue to evolve between us...

Diana Earle
Island View B&B


Re: Brockville Farmers' Market

     The site looks outstanding, congratulations! 
                    I will forward to our tourism advisory committee.

                    Regards,   Ann

                    Re: Chisasibi Mandow Agency

Good day. I have discovered your beautiful web site while looking for some info re the Cree language. I have found a great deal of useful and interesting facts on your language and culture, and have marked the site on my Favorites file. I think it is one of the best sites I have found. I really like the music as well. 

Re: Kool Pines Cottages 

Just Absolutely Beautiful, Marvelous, And Should Get You Lots More 

John, we didn't know you were such a fine photographer...and you took OUR 
views of the river.

The bird sounds and the little butterflies are all, this is a 
top-notch site!

Re: Avery's Garden Market

Hi Doug
Just finished checking out your web site and I love it.
 It is good to see the product along with the description. 
You have a hit here.

Vickie Carr

Re: Ruth Lor Malloy

Congratulations, Ruth,
Your web page is very beautiful; well done!

Capt. Donald M. Fowler, C.D. (Ret'd)

Re: Hockey Made Easy

Thanks and I must say your web page is simple, informative and extremely user

Claudette Roach

Re:Varley Gallery

Hi Grace,

Your web site has to rank as the most pleasing site that I have visited - fantastic. Your art is presented in a most tasteful fashion - I think tasteful is the word I want - without a lot of clutter to distract from it. It preserves the feeling I have when visiting an art gallery. Congratulations.


e-Mail at or visit us at

Re: Mandow Agency

Letter from web site visitor  about Caribou hunting

"Interested in late 2001 dates, total price (CDN) of packages offerred etc...thanks..."

Geoff in Ottawa

Re: Web Site

Rhonda did mention that she went through it, and had asked me how I liked the work you did for us. I told her I was happy with it. I noticed we do have more people inquiring for more information. I'm receiving more e-mail messages too concerning the info on the website.

Sam Cox - Manager Mandow Agency

Re: Mandow Agency - Sharing the Cree Culture

Congratulations your site 'Sharing the Cree Culture' has been chosen as the Canuck Site of the Day for Friday, August 11, 2000

Warren Grant, Cybrarian
Maple Square - Canada's Search Engine Since 1996

The Canuck Site of the 
Day brought to you by Maple Square - Canada's Internet 


Re: Susan Sly - Nutritional Counselor
that is one mean looking site...!

Michael Hope

Re: Susan Sly - Nutritional Counselor
Good Job on your web site... all my best of luck,

Luc Morin


Re: Ottawa Post Card

It's not only working .  . it's beautiful!

Geri Johnston


Re: tdc's FarmGate

I find the FarmGate web site interesting and informative. I like to try to keep up to date on different issues concerning the environment, agriculture, food, health and so on. I especially like that it applies to the region I'm living in (or close to it).

Sandy Rennick


Re: Michael Hope

Your Michael Hope site is excellent!  I think you've done a great job of highlighting the qualities of this interesting performer and making the site fun and easy to navigate.

Regards, Chris


Name: Gisela Klein - Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

Comments: Well, Michael, you really made my day! I'll email you with more, but please know that I LOVE your "Bewitched" CD as well as the clips on your home page.

Re: Ruth Lor Malloy ---

Dear Ruth,

Yep, the correct URL worked just fine; had most interesting look-see at your excellent site.  Even printed out several pages (in color).  That site has to be one of the most well designed, useful, clearly laid out sites we'veever seen. You must have availed of
truly experienced, capable site designers to come up with that. 

E.g., including the map, your pix, book cover etc.  Super!

Been able to establish any helpful links?  That's supposed to be one of the  main angles of selling on the Internet, getting one's site noted in related/relevant other sites with a hyperlink.  So on the
subject of China there would be thousands of sites, huh? 
But then by narrowing down . . . maybe to travel, maybe to geography, maybe to literature about . . .could  develop a solid target batch, would think, for trying to get those vital links.  Probably that would require reciprocation in many cases, meaning finding room on your pages for those underlined groups of words that lead inquirers to those other sites.  Might be hard to find that space, huh?

Have a wonderful trip.

Love, Carol & Jack


Re: Hockey Made Easy URL ---


We found your page on the website. Very nice! Good luck!

Lyn and Phil

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