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"business plans, strategic plans, marketing plans...
knowing where you are going and getting there with limited surprises...
that's what good organizational planning is all about"

Business Plans

Are You Looking for Financial Investment?

  • tdc writes business plans for new or ongoing business ventures

  • Our plans include balance sheets, projected cash flow statements, and income statements

  • Whether you or your company are contemplating starting a new venture, expanding and diversifying, or improving efficiencies.

    Short and long term business planning are a must to reduce investment risks.
  • Besides writing business plans for clients, tdc can effectively and objectively evaluate plans and make recommendations prior to submission.
  • It is a well known fact that most plans once approved end up on the shelf.
  • tdc as an independent objective consultant is able to review and evaluate on going business plan performance on 'as need be basis' for clients.

Strategic Plans and Planning

  • tdc can assist to provide the strategic planning structures for not-for-profit organizations, businesses, and government agencies

  • tdc works with Boards of Directors and their Administrations to define the individual roles of policy makers and administrators

  • Successful organizations not only have a vision of what they are and what they want to be, but also a plan on how to get there
  • That is what strategic planning is all about.
  • tdc is here to assist you on what needs to be done and how to do it effectively.

Marketing Plans

Do You Wonder if Your New Product
or Service are Market Acceptable?

  • tdc provides your business or organization comprehensive marketing plans based upon customer requirements

  • tdc brings to the producer/market profitability equation, analysis of information from both secondary and primary information sources

  • We bring to our clients our expertise in the analysis of market research data and make recommendations as to media advertising choices and pricing strategy to obtain expected revenues.
  • Maximizing profits and minimizing risk are the objectives.
  • This is done by strict adherence to budget planning restrictions and a keen eye to preserve expected returns on investment
  • Our experience in making market assessments are based upon the potential customer needs, present or future ability to pay and the competitive environment.

Tell us about your
Business and Organizational Planning Requirements

tdc Marketing and Management Consultation

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tdc Marketing and Management Consultation
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