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"knowing the right question and finding the time
to find the answer is now more difficult than ever before"

tdc can provide the time, question and answer for you


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Basic Considerations

Competitive Intelligence

With the advent of the Internet and global competition - marketing intelligence is more important than ever before.

Today, there is a need for an almost instantaneous provision of an unbiased accurate collection and evaluation of market information is more important than ever before.

Market Information Systems

The marketing information system is a broader concept than the competitive marketing intelligence system.

Today's dynamic information system collects and analyzes information about customer's needs and how they can be profitably satisfied.

Sound communications between producers/service providers and customers are key.

Without a solid understanding of the market motivation modes and interaction - failure is inevitable

Today, no company competes profitably without electronic market information inputted to data banks, sorted, and analyzed.

Recommendations for improving market share or new product/services introductions cannot be made without accurate market information.

Market knowledge is the key to today's success.

Presently, tdc has five on line market research surveys that are acquiring information for rural producers and sellers.

If you get a chance please take a few minutes to visit and fill in the forms.

Consumer Crop Purchasing Preferences

Businesses who are sellers or producers of these commodities can purchase the raw data results of these surveys from tdc Marketing and Management Consultation. For details.

Present on-line polls
Genetically Engineered Crops Labelling

Contracting your specific market research needs to tdc can provide valuable insight as to what does and what does not work.


We can reduce risks before scarce resources are allocated.

Tell us about your new product ideas and research requirements.  Then ask us to provide details on how long it will take and how much it will cost.

tdc Market Research has completed some major studies

For AMEO (Agricultural Marketing Eastern Ontario) to identify new markets for Agricultural Producers in Eastern Ontario.  This study identified about $50 Million additional annual dollars in new product development for Eastern Ontario Farmers.

For the 1000 Islands International Council to study the financial impact of Festivals and Special Events which resulted in millions of dollars from New York State to help the tourism effort in the 1000 Islands Tourism Area

Other Clients: Canadian Tire Corporation (Customer Study), Subway Canada (location study) and CanArm (Product Customer Evaluation)


Telephone: 613 342 0639

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