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Who Uses the Web?            

So you thinking about having a web site so that you can get more exposure and direct sales vehicle or the products or services that you are selling, or just to provide information about some personal or business passion to the world.

Here are some facts:

Worldwide Internet Population 2009: 1,734,000,000 (Internet World Stats)
Population Penetration 2009: 25.6 % of the world population
Projection for 2010: 1.8 billion (Computer Industry Almanac)
The Indexed Web contains at least 20.55 billion pages (Monday, 22 March, 2010).

Canada is the world leader in percentage terms with more than 70.9 percent of population with Internet access in 2008.  The US has 66.2 %.

Canada population 32.81 million internet users 20.45 million active users (at least once a month) 8.8 million

Other findings from recent Ipsos-Reid survey include:

Almost half of Canadian Internet-using families have more than one computer

The average family spends more than 1,600 hours online per year

48 percent of parents place curfews on their kids' Internet usage

20 percent of all families with home Internet access have computers that have been networked
to others within the home

48 percent of parents admit their kids have at least some influence on the purchase of new
technology for the household

By the way, here are the big numbers for a couple of countries that might see your web site.

United States population 295.73 million - internet users 185.55 million

China population 1.31 billion internet users 99.80 million

For Europe - The U.K. has the highest number of Internet users at 34.3 million, representing 57 percent of the country, while Germany boasts 32.1 million users, which translates to 39 percent of the country.

Other areas of significant population penetration include: Denmark (63 percent), the Netherlands (61 percent), Norway (59 percent), Switzerland (53 percent), and Finland (52 percent).

There are a whole lot of worldwide statistics that can be found
ClickZ Internet Demographics

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