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Typical Design Costs ?

How much does it cost to design a great web site?

Perhaps, the most asked question of a web site designer.. And perhaps the
easiest to respond to .... "Depends"

So what it ''depends" upon is how much time it takes to allocate for each of the design phases.

1. Interviewing the client to determine the objective(s) of the site, how much web site content information will be client
  generated and how the site will maintain sustainability.

2. Doing competitive research so that the site will be better than competitive sites.

3. Preparing a draft proposal of the number of pages, images, the navigation system, colour scheme, slide shows, forms,
   original writing and determining how much time it will take.

3. Preparing a draft template design.

4. Interacting with the client to get approval of the design.

5. Preparing all the pages to fit the template design.

6. Getting approval from the client for the draft site.

7. Uploading the site on a global server.

8. Putting in the tracking code and completing the order and other forms.

9. Testing the site on the server.

10. Adding links from other client sites to the client's links pages.

11. Adding links on other client sites linking to the new client's site.

12. Sending out a newsletter announcing the new site.

13. Tracking the performance of the site.

14. Making small adjustments to the pages and the navigation as required.

Basic Pricing Policy - Template Home Page Design

Most times, after an initial interview with a client, I can determine how many hours it will take to perform the above and to prepare a proposal for a client.

Once the number of hours is estimated, then I multiply these hours by my current hourly design rate.

I charge a flat rate for a contract based on my estimated time and hourly wage.

I provide a template draft design for the front page (home page) , which the client can change at their
liberty and suggest changes

I provide a template second draft based on their comments to the first draft.

I send them the second draft which they can request changes via e-Mail on up to 10% of content.

I provide them a final template design and changes requested are then billed at the hourly rate.

If I have underestimated the total time. I charge actual time spent. Needless to say, this is rare.
If a contract did prove to go a whole lot faster than estimated, some/all of the  changes to the "final" might
come from the contract price I bid at, and would show up in the invoicing to ensure goodwill.

If after the final changes are made, and their is a need for updating the web site, I charge
an hourly wage based upon the exact time that is spent. There is no charge for
work done that takes less than 2 minutes and there is no minimum charge.

I then inform the potential client of this cost. If they agree with the proposal and the terms, then I ask for 50 % of the estimated price prior to starting to design the site. The remaining 50 % is due when the site is uploaded to the permanent server at which time the site copyright becomes the property of the client.

If the initial template design has been accepted by a client and work begins on the rest of the site and the client changes their mind by adding more page or a complete colour change... then there are additional charges.

If there are adjustments to the site after it is completed that take less than 2 minutes, there is no charge,

To acquire success in getting a great site that meets the objectives of the client requires sound communication between the client and the designer

Joe Lor

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