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    We custom design web sites.

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Structure Information Content for Computer  
   Screen  Presentations
Eastern Ont Gas Prices
Organize the Flow of Information into Logical
Prepare the Navigational Structure and Graphic
    Icons for Ease of Use

Hockey Made Easy

Design the Web Site Architecture

tdc's FarmGate

Design Elements of the Web Site for Browser
   Compatibility  and Efficiency

tdc's Froggy

Maintain Sites Utilizing Emerging Design
    Concepts and Technologies

Living Alone

Provide Web Site Marketing Consultation and Implementation

Michael Hope

Provide Complete Web Site Business Maintenance Solutions

Ruth Lor Malloy

Ice Capades 70th Reunion



Places & Things

Island View B&B

New York, New York


Supawan Green

Larry's Auto Works

Ice Capades  Mini Reunion

Web Site Design

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What a Client said About tdc Designed Web Sites

Re: Island View Bed and Breakfast

Joe has been a great communicator, and a great teacher. He has worked tirelessly on the Island View site, and has been my true partner in its creation.

Joe has sincerely tried to view my world through my eyes, understand my aesthetic, and bring it all to "web-life." 
I can now share
my world with the entire world.

I believe our product means as much to him as it does to me. It has been an enjoyable process, and, as Joe warned, "a lot of work". 

I expect my relationship with Joe to be ongoing. The site will continue to evolve between us...

Diana Earle
Island View B&B


Updated: Monday, July 20, 2020

We thank all who have came to visit our sites in 2020 and
it is our wish that you also could be part of our client list in 2021

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