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6 Tips in Choosing Your Web Site Designer and WebMaster

Being able to communicate easily and effectively with clients
and speaks in as non-technical terms as possible.

Designs unique creative sites that attract, have ease of internal navigation,
invites interactivity and gets repeat visitors.

Has experience with measuring site performance, determining
sales conversion expectations and can make suggestions for making 
your site perform better.

Has design capability options to satisfy site objectives and proven to making it

Can provide communications methods whereby site owners can easily and quickly 
update their sites. 

Is a professional, can advise on site content and performance, and provides referenced satisfied clients. Look for designers who ask knowledgeable questions.

If you want a responsible web site designer e-Mail.

tdc's Web Site Design and Marketing

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Updated: Monday, April 30, 2012

We thank all the 450,000+ people who came to visit our clients' sites in 2005 and
it is our wish that you could also be part of our client list in 2010

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Requests for Proposal for Web Site Development
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