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eMail Marketing

Sending an e-Mail to a potential customer is perhaps the best way to attract, generate interest, stimulate
and get action from viewers that there is.

Despite the emergence of new communication channels such as social and mobile, e-mail remains a powerful and important means of connecting with customers. You can use it to deliver highly targeted and personalized communications that reinforce your brand and build lasting relationships with customers. Better still, you can use it to gain the attention of a large number of customers at a very low cost.

How can I find the e-Mail addresses to send my message?

Right now the old way is to go to web sites that provide information with the same interests as your targetted audience and extract the eMail addresses from the sites using a copy and paste method.

This is very time comsuming.  And there are better ways to collect potential customers e-Mail addresses.

Large companies such as Canadian Tire, Loblaws, Sears, and Target ask present customers to fill in market research surveys which inherently have a place where the person surveyed is asked for their eMail address.

Some company's often when purchases are made ask for your e-Mail addresses which go into their company databases.

Other companies hold on-line contests and surveys where if you want to have a chance to win, entrants will have to supply their e-Mail addresses.

And other companies who can use e-mail address extractors software to mine e-Mail addressses from lists that are posted on the Internet.  The addresses of real estate agents, school teachers, members of associations and clubs can easily be mined, put into Excel databases and listed into the to be sent addreses of e-Mails. In one hour once can easily mine 1000 addressses in a particular geographic area. - It is just that simple. 

When is the best time to send out a e-Mail marketing message?

Because of the ease in which a viewer can dispose of an unwanted e-Mail and using statistics gathered from the perfomance of web sites we can often measure the best time that the viewer reads the message that is sent.  We know that a high percentage of people look at their e-Mail during working hours of 9 - 5 from Mondays to Fridays.  We also know that if an unsolicited e-Mail is sent on Monday morning between  9.00  - 12.00 pm it will be deleted without the viewer even reading the subject line.  We also know that on Friday afternoon workers are not really interested in reading and responding to unsolicited e-Mail.  So we recommend that the best time to send e-Mail marketing messages is Monday - Thursday afternoons after lunch between 1.15 and 3.00 pm -  Never send unsolicited messages to potential clients on Christmas or any of the holidays,  People rarely read unsolicited messages on holidays.

What should you put in the message?

We have found that to get market impact, messages should be of an announcement or be newsworthy. They should be short and to the point and provide a link where more detailed information is available like the address of a website. Good e-Mail messages typically are only read for about 2 - 5 seconds and if the viewer is interested, they will seek additional detailed information before taking any action.

An example of this is an e-Mail announcing that for the next 24 hours shipping of goods sold will be free. Or a statement that there is a new condo development with 200 units located along Toronto's waterfront with a price range starting at $350,000 are ready for sale.

All messages should have the name, physical address, e-Mail address, a phone contact number and web stie address of the sender.

In addition because it is sent via e-Mail the following should be placed at the bottom of the message.

If you do not wish to receive periodic “Your Company Name” announcements simply reply with the word "remove"  in the subject line a


What should I put in the Subject?

Regarding what to put into the "Subject" -  Keep it short and to the point with less than 8 words if possible.
Good "Subject" text is where you either draw the viewer to read the message or get your message deleted.

An example of one that caught my eye that was not considered Spam is "We have a gift for you"

Do not put the word "Save" in the subject as Spam software will automatically identify you e-Mail as Spam.

Finally, there is such a thing as the US / Canada Spam Act which if there is a violation of the following guidelines a company can be fined up to $16,000 US for each violation.


1. Don't use false of misleading header information.
2, Don't use deceptive subject information.
3. Identify the message as an advertisement
4. Tell the viewers where you are located.
5  Tell recipeitents how to opt out of receiving future e-Mails from you
6. Honour opt out requests promptly.
7. Monitor what others are doing on your behalf.

What results should I expect?

If your database of e-Mail addresses are viewers who are receiptive to your message, a good response and sales should be expected.  This can easily be measured using statistical analysis software which can measure how many people actually read your message and take action to go to more information on a directed website. 


If your e-Marketing program is not performing as well as you expect - Perhaps we can help.

tdc Marketing will review your program and provide professional consultation services.
We do it for a few select clients. 

Just e-Mail me asking to provide a review of your eMail marketing program and make suggestions on how the performance can be improved.  I will e-Mail you back with our fee for services, an estimation of the time required and how payment can be made on the web.

tdc's Web Site Design and Marketing

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Updated: Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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