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       "business plans, strategic plans, marketing plans, employee problems,
      presentations... being able to communicate with someone in confidence
     who understands business and organizations   -    that's what it's all about"

tdc provides private consultation for members of boards of directors and senior
     administrators who need an outside opinion of their policy and management

Confidential consultations are useful to talk about personnel  matters, new
     market and product initiatives, production  planning, downsizing, upgrading staff,
     customer  presentations...

  Having someone to bring a different and outside perspective to difficult
      challenges is always useful and enlightening.

If you would like to have private consultation on business matters and be assured of confidentiality, we would be glad to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Call us at 613 342 0639 or e-Mail

tdc Marketing and Management Consultation

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tdc Marketing and Management Consultation
Brockville Ontario Canada
voice: 613 342-0639
fax: 613 342-4903